First launched over ten year’s ago, The Marshwood Arts Awards has become one of the most anticipated exhibitions in the South West.

This year’s show will take place at Bridport Arts Centre from November 9th to December 7th and a total of seventeen artists/makers will be chosen to exhibit with the selectors for what promises to be a unique and exciting exhibition. In keeping with the policy of adding new selectors for each event we are delighted to announce the list of those working with the Marshwood Arts Awards and The John Hubbard Prize
for 2019.

2019 Judges:

Painting & Drawing – Dave White

Sculpture – Tania Kovats

Photography & Digital Media – Brian Griffin

Applied ArtsKate Malone & John Makepeace OBE FCSD FRSA (to include products such as: Furniture & Works in Wood, Ceramics & Glass, Fashion & Textiles, Jewellery, Metalwork and Decorative Arts)

2017 Awards

Artists were invited to submit work to any one (or more) of the categories and the relevant judge selected three artists from that category to exhibit in a high-profile mixed exhibition at the Bridport Arts Centre