David Worthington


David Worthington is a sculptor who has been working principally in the medium of stone. After training in Barcelona and New York, he returned to London in 1995 where he maintains a studio practice, carrying out public and private commissions as well as exhibitions. “I remain committed to object-making, because I believe each generation must redefine itself through its own creations, including objects. And I am committed to sculpture as I see it as a reflection of our own bodies in space. In a sense all we are is ground up stone dust with water added, metamorphosed by the élan vital, the breath of life. That is why I see a continuing relevance and fascination for stone as we respond to it on a primal level.”

Worthington also works in bronze, cement, tarmac, and paint. For several years he has been making wax drawings over a water colour base, images that frustrate the viewers ability to see them clearly. He has been developing mobile stone sculptures. Balanced on bearings these can be manually rotated. They encourage interactivity, and have an amazing response from the public who seem to delight in playing and climbing on them. For Worthington, sculpture is about the body, and if the audiences‘ bodies can also be part of the process, so much the better.

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